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Pallet Art

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

This was just a fun project I did this weekend, I needed some new art to liven up my walls in my little beach shack.

Here is how I created it:

Step 1

Get a pallet.

You can get them from Bunnings, loading docks or the tip. I work at a printers and we get paper delivered on pallets frequently so I was quite lucky there.

Step 2

Measure you pallet.

My pallet measured 90cm wide x 70cm high.

Step 3

Create your stencil design.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create my design to the correct measurements, if you don't have access to any design software you can always draw your design by hand.

Step 4

Print your design.

I didn't have access to a large format printer, so I printed my design on several A4 sheets and stuck them together.

Step 5

Cut out your stencil.

This is the fun part (NOT). I used a small pair of scissors to cut my stencil out - you could use a cutting mat and a stanley knife also.

Step 6

Prime your pallet.

I used generic white paint primer from Bunnings, I put small amounts on the brush at a time and didn't go all the way to the edges as I wanted to keep the weathered look.

Step 7

Paint the background.

I used acrylic paint that I got from my local art shop and did a blue/teal gradient. The trick is to be quite rough with your brush.

Step 8

Place your stencil onto your pallet.

Paint over your stencil. I used the primer paint again. I did a few coats.

Step 9

Remove the stencil and let your pallet dry.

Step 10

Sand back your painting to give it a weathered look.

Step 11

Hanging your pallet.

My pallet was very heavy so I nailed two white wood pailings I bought from Bunnings to the back, this then slots behind the lounge and the lounge holds the pallet up.

Happy DIY pallet painting!!

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