Planning a nostalgic 90's Party

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

The 90's was a golden era - there were Tamagotchis, CD's, Tazos to collect, Spice Girls & Gameboys... it was also the last mobile phone-less generation. Scrunchies, boob tubes & overalls reigned supreme, along with crimped hair and punk rock. Life was so different - where did we find the extra time to rewind cassette tapes & VHS?

I was born in 1990... 30 years ago... sounds scary when you put it like that. So to celebrate this milestone, I had no other choice but to take it back to where it all began & party once more like it was 1999.

Here's how to plan a nostalgic 90's themed birthday party... there ain't no party like a S Club party!

Pick your colour scheme

The 90's was all about bold colours, geometric shapes, layered patterns and 90s icons! Pink, aqua, purple and yellow were popular - I decided to go with these as I knew I could easily source table cloths, plates, cups and other decor in these colours.

Design your invitations

Ask a graphic designer (like me) to design your invitations OR you can design them yourself on a de