1. 07. 2012

I'd like to welcome 'Rejuvenescence' to Forster - a new facial rejuvenation clinic! I was lucky enough to do the branding for this new business! A logo, business cards and a flyer.

Here are 3 of the 16 concepts I designed (yes I did get carried away):

After the client selected the logo they liked, I proceeded to design the business cards, here were the two final concepts I designed with the guidance of my client, they were fantastic - they knew what they wanted which made it easier for both of us:

After the business card was designed, I moved on to the double sided flyer. We had trouble finding an image to put down the bottom of the design, so I went out on a mini shoot and took some snaps of nature, unfortunately none of these worked either:

We ended up using a plain water shot that I took for the bottom, it filled in the blank space quite nicely: