HAMA Time...


Does anybody remember these ??

Here are some designs I did when I was about 6. And being such a hoarder, didn't have the heart to throw them out.

I recently stumbled across my HAMA beads! 
They were big in the mid 90's and I was obsessed with them.....I still am! 

When I was younger I would sit with Grandpa and he would sort all the beads into colours for me, picking them out of the container with tweezers. He would make the best designs too! I think he loved it just as much as I did!

Hama beads are fusible beads - you place them on the peg boards, then when you are done you place wax paper over the top and iron the beads, this heats them up and melts them together so you can take it off the board in one piece! 

Unfortunately, the bead faze soon faded out and you could no longer buy them in the shops! (Grandpa was most upset.) BUT!!! I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THEY STILL EXIST!! I am soooo tempted to buy some more! I have 13 years to catch up on!  Click here for HAMA!