Boy oh boy!

18. 02. 2012

My friend is having a baby shower this weekend, so this was the perfect chance to put my design skills into play! I LOVE making cards, ever since I was little I would make cards every chance I got. I even had a little card making business where people would buy my cards for $5! Nothing has changed, I still love making cards!

SO, this card I made for my friend is quite funny. I went to a website called 'Morph Thing', where you upload two images and the website morphs them together to show you what your baby might look like. So I uploaded two images, one of Matt and one of Cara and this is what it came up with, so cute:

Using this image as the basis for my card, I used Adobe Illustrator to create a cute little M.J card.

For the baby shower, one of the games we are playing is called 'Pin the Nappy on M.J.' I bought some thick card and drew a cartoon version of M.J. (As I'm not good at cartoons I used an image online as a reference from cartoon solutions ) I painted M.J. and then outlined him. I even made little blue nappies to pin on.