Colour me beautiful...

13 / 01 / 2012

I never really liked painting, I actually hated it.
Drawing and watercolour were my thing - not painting.

It wasn't until recently that I actually quite enjoy it! For an elective subject at uni I chose to do a painting course because it seemed 'easy.' I was so wrong. We learnt drawing techniques and painting techniques and I really enjoyed it and it was very challenging at the same time.

I started off painting for peoples presents:

I love this one, very simple but effective.
It was my first ever painting on canvas, and was a
mothers day present for Tracy.

This was my second painting on canvas. It was a challenge but
I got there in the end! This was a Christmas present for Tracy.

I love birds, especially toucans - they're so colourful.
This was a present for Rich, he loves Toucans too!

I was then encouraged to sell some. I thought that would be easy, you know - paint something and then sell it! But the more time I spent on it, the more I loved it, the less I wanted to sell it! I now understand why some artists charge ridiculous amounts of money for their work!

My Pelican painting for sale!

So I took my beloved Pelican off to Coffee Grind cafe, with a reasonable price of $250 (reasonable compared to the other painting prices in there.) So hopefully he sells soon before I get even more attached haha!