Goodbye Newcastle, hello big world....

07 / 11 / 2011

So it's official, I finished uni today! I can't believe it!!
The past three years have just flown by so quickly.
So now I'm just sitting at home twiddling my thumbs.... I have absolutely nothing to do and it feels so weird!

The last month I have been full on with designing, printing, mounting and finishing my website and now... nothing.... I just can't really explain how I feel! It's a neutral feeling ha ha!

I went into the 15 minute interview quite nervous, but I was surprised as to how laid back everyone was. Before me sat a panel of 4 judges all highly experienced in design, and i had to show them my portfolio, which consisted of 15 tasks which i have completed in the last 14 weeks! They were really positive and just fantastic! They made me feel very comfortable and very confident.

Rich gave me some great advice, he said 'If you pretend to be confident you will look confident,' and 'It is just like when you take your L's test, it's over before you know it.' He was so right!! I walked in with my shoulders back (what Rich told me to do haha) and the lady said to me straight off 'oh don't you look stunning.'

It's been an incredible experience, I have learnt so much and I'm going to miss it thats for sure!

Tomorrow I already have a small job lined up, which is re-designing some work books! So that should keep me from going insane!

Here is one design in particular that the entire panel just LOVED! It took me no time at all and I did it a few nights before the presentation!

I love life!!! xx