It's not what it looks like...

5 / 10/ 2011

This is a design I created for my University's Summer Design Ball. At first glance it looks like a stripy ice-cream, but what it is really made of is paint chips, the ones you get from hardware stores. I hope no one saw me, because I did take LOTS!

First, after a lot of attempts I created the circular shapes out of two of the same colour paint chips, cut two slits in each side, then used double sided tape to stick it all together. The cone was created using about 5 paint chips of the same colour rolled up into a cone shape. I then placed them on A3 coloured paper and photographed it. Then I completed the finishing touches in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Paint chips from a local hardware store.

Trying different coloured backgrounds.
The shapes placed on A3 coloured paper